An Intimate Desert Escape at Ash Springs in Red Rock Canyon

An Intimate Desert Escape at Ash Springs in Red Rock Canyon

Situated just a short distance from the bustling city of Las Vegas is Ash Springs Red Rock Canyon. This remote desert location is a hidden gem, known for its mesmerizing natural beauty and red rock formations. The awe-inspiring backdrop seamlessly blends the fiery hues of the desert landscape with the vibrant colors. It is the perfect for an intimate and unforgettable elopement.

Eloping at Ash Springs Red Rock Canyon embodies an intimate, serene, and private atmosphere. Far from the neon lights, high-energy entertainment, and bustling city life that Las Vegas is famous for, you and your partner can immerse yourselves in the tranquil oasis of the desert. Ash Springs is the to serve as the backdrop for your love story. Let’s explore Najla and Darrion’s elopement at Ash Springs Red Rock Canyon.

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Our wedding was unbelievable the scenery was breathtaking and everything was so beautifully decorated with so much attention to detail it was more than what we could imagine on our wedding day especially an elopement there was the highest quality of care taken in all aspects from planning to presentation, there were no corners cut. The process was so easy and there was no stress whatsoever which was great coming all the way from Sydney, Australia where we had never been to Las Vegas before. From proposal to wedding day was 46 days.

The Proposal:

We got engaged after 3 weeks of dating at a heritage house on a farm in Western Sydney, Australia and we both decided were else to get married but in Las Vegas. We knew we had found our best friend, our soul mate everything just made sense and there were a few signs along the way where we both knew we were made for each other so were else in Las Vegas to get married but at Red Rock Canyons.

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The Vision:

Our souls both have a love for the country and animals with a huge passion for nature so we had this vision of getting married amongst the natural landscape of the red rock canyon and have this beautiful backdrop and take in the sunset, we wanted a warm, moody, seductive and romantic ceremony.

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The Planning Process:

We decided to go with Elopement Las Vegas due to the fantastic reviews and high-quality photography we seen online and everything was so easy simple straightforward there was nothing not explained or provided. All we had to organize for our wedding was hair and make-up, transportation and marriage license but we weren’t left on those things either ELV was there to help, assist and give us recommendations. We love how ELV made everything personalized to us not just cookie cut and they nailed it.

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The Outfits:

Outfits we wanted were a typical Las Vegas wedding attire but with our own personal country touch Bride had on a SHEIN wedding dress which was altered by the bride’s mum, garter, with a bridal shop removal skirt so it was easy to take off the skirt and hit the Vegas strip after the ceremony. A SHEIN cowboy jacket which was personally embroidered on the back with Mrs Galea. Betts cowgirl boots and Australian cowboy hat. Hair and Make up was done by Tracy Shelor Artistry and transportation was done by Kevin Uber driver who was so professional and attentive he was so nice and helpful.
Groom had a black suit brought from home and a cow boy hat purchased from Kemo Sabe Las Vegas.

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elope in vegas
elope in vegas

Memorable Moments:

Memorable moments were the little dachshund who happened to appear wearing the something blue painted nails which was a nice surprised as the bride and groom are loving dog people. Having such a beautiful soul touching sunset with a bit of rain blessing us after we did our vows with a rainbow appearing, cutting of the cake and tasting the red velvet and cream cheese frosting which was delicious and having the nicest celebrant who was so warm and loving and fun marrying us we couldn’t of ask for anyone more perfect, she was amazing and suited us to a tea.

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Advise For Other Couple:

Advise we would say to others is take the opportunity to make your wedding day about the both of you and focus on each other and take in this special day by slowing down each and every step and embrace it. We are so happy we booked with ELV and all the stress of planning was left to the professionals and we had full trust in them and they delivered more than we expected so this gave us the opportunity to create stress free loving sentimental memories between each other which we will cherish for the rest of our lives and without ELV taking all the stress and planning this wouldn’t have been achieved which we are forever grateful full.

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Officiant : Peachy Keen Unions
Photographer : Kristen Joy Photography
Coordinator & Permit: Elopement Las Vegas with Epic Elopement
Floral: Amy Wong Events

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