Featured Elopement: Mike & Rosio

Eloping in San Diego at the Sunset Cliffs

The Sunset Cliffs in San Diego make for a magical elopement spot. Imagine this: crashing waves as you exchange your vows atop a massive cliff overlooking the deep blue water of the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say, you’ll have some incredible shots of your elopement at this destination, just like Mike and Rosio’s vow renewal.


When asked how they would describe their vow renewal, Mike and Rosio said it was intimately perfect and stress-free! It had all of the feels and magic that their wedding did ten years ago, but this time the focus was entirely on them and their sons.


We can’t get over all of the gorgeous details surrounding their celebration from the bright pink florals and Rosio’s dress to the perfect picnic setup and champagne toast. We asked Rosio to give us all of the info surrounding their vow renewal from the planning to their favorite moments on the day.

Here are some pictures from their elopement:

Here’s what they had to say about their elopement:

Why did you both choose to have a vow renewal?

Renewing our vows was more of a celebration of our love, marriage, and family. We didn’t necessarily see it as “reaffirming” our vows, since we decided to write new vows as we entered this new chapter in our lives — as a family and not just as a couple. Personally, it was more about letting this unbelievably kind and loving person know that I would marry him everyday, in a big pink dress, if I could. Including our boys in the ceremony gave us the opportunity to also share the moment with them. We are a family that celebrates all moments big and small. We are also raising two little ‘gents, and it’s important we show them what love looks like day in and day out.

What was the vision you had for the vow renewal?

Pink! Pink! And more pink! My husband had told me about this “Old Hollywood” suit he had found that was a midnight blue color. I kind of ran with that and knew that I could easily complement it with every shade of pink imaginable. Since it was a beach location, I wanted to do a flowy silhouette for my dress, and also have the boys match Mike.

How was the planning process?

Well, I don’t know what to say?! Emily TOOK CARE OF EVERY DETAIL! Honestly, it was almost scary after having done my own wedding (it was madness!) and how effortless this renewal was. All we had to do was get dressed up and show up! Emily’s energy is second to none, and her team is exceptional, so incredibly talented and kind!

Tell us more about your outfits and accessories!

My dress was from Saks Fifth Avenue — it was pink, flowy, my size and on sale! I’m a sucker for Badgley Mischka shoes and found the ones I was wearing over a year before. The bow and jewel details were to die for, so I knew I’d wear them one day. But one of my favorite parts of the ensemble was my hairpiece. It was my “something old” from our wedding day! Mike and the boys got their midnight blue suits from Men’s Warehouse to achieve that classy, Hollywood look. I think it was a success!

What was the most memorable part of the day?

Ugh, the family vows were the best!! I know my boys are still young, but they will be able to look back at this beautiful day when they’re older.

Here’s a video from their elopement:

Elopement Credits:


• Elopement Planner: The Epic Elopement
• Photographer: Amber & Co. Photography
• Videographer: Lomax Wedding Films
• Floral: Cottage Garden Florals


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