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If a beach or mountain elopement isn’t your vibe, then an urban elopement may be for you! But where do you start when it comes to planning a city elopement? The truth is that there are quite a few options to consider from City Hall celebrations to hotel packages, scenic city squares, charming AirBnBs and more. Whether you’re planning for a quick ceremony in your favorite location or an all-day affair playing tourist in a new city, here’s a few things to keep top of mind when planning an urban elopement.


Things to Consider When Planning an Urban Elopement


Urban Elopement Packages & Pricing

The price of an urban elopement varies greatly on the location you’ve chosen, travel required, venue options or potential packages. But rest assured, urban elopements can be completely customized to help fit your budget. On average, elopements can range anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the details. Our urban elopement packages include most of the items you’ll need like an officiant, permits, photographer, a cake, bouquet and more. From popular cities like New York and Chicago to Las Vegas and Tampa, there’s room to add on any details that you feel passionately about. For more info on our elopement packages by location, click here.


Here are a few examples of urban elopement locations we can help you book:

The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic suspension bridge located in…
Downtown Las Vegas is the historic center of the city…
Are you a fan of the iconic Las Vegas Strip?…
Elope 70 stories high with the Empire State Building and…

Where Are You Planning on Having the Ceremony?


With urban elopements, you have the ability to think a little outside of the box when it comes to ceremony locations and more. Maybe you both want to say your vows in the spot where you met, at your favorite restaurant or bar, in a popular park or on the rooftop of a downtown hotel. Wherever you’re considering, you’ll want to give some thought as to the time of day and day of the week that you’re planning to elope. In order to avoid crowds or people photobombing your wedding portraits, you may want to consider a sunrise or weekday elopement. In some cases, our couples love eloping with people around to capture a real city feel. It’s totally up to you! Before you nail down a date, make sure to check a local events calendar for the city to make sure there won’t be any unexpected surprises that can affect your travel, accommodations or accessibility to your venue. 


An Example Timeline for an All-Day Urban Elopement


Some couples aren’t just looking for a ceremony and exit, they want to create a full-day experience in the city of their choice. Sometimes it can be really fun to play tourist in your own city as a newly married couple! Oftentimes when this is the plan, there will be time to kill before, in-between or after your ceremony and reception. It’s an opportunity to try out local experiences like unique dining, visit landmarks and lookouts, take a stroll through a city park, ride around in a fancy car — so whatever you both want to do! If you’re wondering what an all-day elopement could look like, here’s an example timeline:

  • 8am-11am: Wake up, grab some brunch at a delicious restaurant, meet with your hair and makeup artists, and begin getting ready for the day!
  • 12pm-1pm: Check-in at your hotel, AirBnB, vacation rental or even your venue location if there’s space for you to relax for just a bit and change into your wedding attire.
  • 1:30pm: Head out for a first look, wedding portraits in the city or at your favorite local spot.
  • 2:30pm: Grab a bite together at a food truck or restaurant. Be prepared for everyone to complement your beautiful wedding attire!
  • 3:30pm: Your transportation shows up to whisk you away to your elopement venue for your ceremony.
  • 4:30pm-5:00pm: Elopement Ceremony at the location of your choice.
  • 5:00pm-6:00pm: Sunset wedding portraits (or photos with family if you have guests in attendance)
  • 6:30pm: Happy Hour at your favorite local spot, make your way to see a show, visit a local hotspot together — the options are endless after your ceremony!
  • 7:30pm: Dinner together or with friends and family — maybe an outfit change in-between if you’re ready to slip into something different.
  • 9:30pm til Dawn: Dance the night away, cozy up in your hotel room, go for a midnight swim, treat yourself to something sweet — end the best day ever with your loved ones.


urban elopement timeline


Urban Elopement Decor Ideas


When planning decor or other details for an urban elopement, you’ll need to confirm what’s possible for your desired location. If you’re planning to elope in the middle of the city, you’re probably not going to be able to bring along floral displays or signage. Here’s a few ways that you can customize your urban elopement to match your desired vibe.


Embrace the Natural Beauty


If you’re planning your urban elopement around a well-recognized landmark, scenic backdrop or incredible skyline, let the city’s natural beauty be the focal point! Sometimes the simplest decor can make the biggest statement. If you’re not sure where to start in the city you’re considering, just reach out and we’re here to help! We can help you pick out the perfect spot to exchange your vows.


Bring a Modern Flair to a Historic Space


We love it when couples add their own touch to their wedding venue. Oftentimes in city spaces, we’ll see couples select historic buildings, libraries, rooftops for their ceremony or reception locations. It’s an opportunity to add modern details, fresh color palettes, bold floral pieces and more to create a space that’s truly unique. 


Consider a Combination of Outdoors and Indoors


If you’re torn between planning your celebration inside or outside, we recommend a little bit of both! If you want to capture the city skyline for your ceremony but then plan an elegant affair for your reception complete with all the details, let’s do it! That��s the best thing about elopements — there are so many ways to truly make the experience exactly what the two of you want it to look and feel like.


A Few Other Things to Consider When Planning an Urban Elopement


We’ve covered the bigger items when it comes to planning your urban elopement. So let’s touch on a few other details that may or may not be a part of your elopement experience:

  • Restaurant Availability: If you’re planning a reception following your ceremony at a local restaurant, you’ll want to start communicating with their catering or events manager once you have a date. Some couples choose to even host their ceremonies at some restaurants. If you’re thinking about doing that, you’ll need to work with the restaurant to plan for a time when they aren’t serving customers or explore options to rent it out for a certain amount of time. Don’t wait to plan these details! The last thing you want is added stress close to your wedding day.
  • Wedding Size Constraints: Depending on where you plan the ceremony, there could be guest limitations. Some of our couples like to invite immediate family or close friends for an intimate affair, but you’ll need to confirm with your venue if there’s a maximum guest number for your ceremony spot (i.e. rooftops, local parks, AirBnBs, etc.). If you’re looking at a public park for your ceremony, you may be required to submit a special use permit for approval. Don’t stress! We can help you with all of the paperwork to make sure things go smoothly.
  • Transportation Options: With urban elopements comes the question of transportation. Will you rent a car, catch the subway, or walk to your ceremony? This can be especially important depending on the time of year if weather can be a factor. Be sure to plan ahead and have a backup plan so you aren’t late to your own ceremony!

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