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There’s something special about mountain elopements! Every location offers a stunning backdrop for a ceremony while each couple truly embraces the natural beauty all around them. Oftentimes we find that mountain elopements are extremely peaceful and make for some incredible wedding portraits. There are certainly a few things to consider when planning an outdoor elopement from the seasonal weather to your vendor team. Below are a few of the top things we advise couples to think about when they start planning.


Things to Consider When Planning a Mountain Elopement


Mountain Elopement Packages & Pricing

Mountain elopements can be completely customized for those with smaller or larger budgets. There’s a lot of room to cut out costs as most couples choose to use the surroundings as their decor pieces. On average, mountain elopements can range anywhere from $2,000 to $12,000 depending on the details. Our mountain elopement packages begin around $1,400 and include most of the items you’ll need like an officiant, permits, photographer, a cake, bouquet and more. When planning your mountain elopement, there’s room to add on those details that you feel passionately about since you won’t be restricted to what an indoor venue can accommodate. But you’ll need to keep in mind that some parks and outdoor locations may have some limitations for what you can bring along on your elopement to preserve natural beauty.

On average, mountain elopements can range anywhere from $2,000 to $12,000

Here are some sample mountain elopement packages:

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America.…
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area lies in Nevada’s Mojave…
Sprawling and splendid, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is adjacent…

When are you Planning to Have the Ceremony?

For couples considering a mountain elopement within a national park, you’ll want to give some thought as to the time of day and day of the week that you’re planning to elope. In order to avoid crowds or people photobombing your wedding portraits, we recommend planning for a weekday elopement or considering a sunrise elopement. While sunset lighting is gorgeous, you’ll want to make sure that you can safely get off the mountain before it’s completely dark. 


Another layer to consider when planning your mountain elopement is the time of year. If you’re planning to elope during the late fall or the winter, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any potential storms coming through that can bring snow, wind or rain. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the average temperatures in case you need to bring some layering pieces for warmth over your wedding attire.


Let’s Talk About Wedding Attire, Hair and Makeup

When it comes to your wedding attire, hair and makeup, we have a few thoughts! You’ll want to give some thought to the schedule of the day as there may be limitations with some of your hair and makeup vendors (i.e. they may be unable to travel to your ceremony spot). When considering your attire, you’ll want to first determine if you’ll be doing any hiking to get to your ceremony spot. If so, will you want to hike in your wedding dress or suit, or will you want to change into your clothing once you’ve arrived at the destination? Here’s a few quick tips for planning your mountain elopement attire, hair and makeup no matter which coast or country you’re planning for.


Mountain Elopement Attire Tips


  • Lightweight fabrics are your best friend. Consider breezy fabrics for your elopement dress like chiffon or tulle, especially during the warmer months for outdoor elopements. To see our full elopement dress guide, click here. For the men, ensure that your suit is easy to move in if you’ll be trekking in your ensemble. If eloping in the winter, consider warmer fabrics like wool so you’re comfortable. If eloping during the warmer months, aim for breathable fabrics and layers that you can easily adjust.
  • Can you pack your dress easily? For our destination couples, make sure it’s easy to pack your dress along for the adventure! Whether you’re flying or road-tripping, you’ll want to plan ahead accordingly to avoid any damage to your dress and save yourself any possible headache. Check out our guide here for how to fly with your elopement dress.
  • Bring a pop-up changing tent. If you’d rather change into your attire once you’ve arrived at your ceremony spot, this is for you. Pop-up changing tents can be purchased on Amazon, and some adventure elopement photographers actually may have them on hand. Be sure to chat with yours ahead of time to see if it’s a possibility.


Mountain Elopement Makeup Tips


  • SPF is #1. Make sure to protect your skin on your adventure! You’ll want to wear both moisturizer and sunscreen to avoid a sunburn on warm, sunny days. If you’re worried about stacking too many layers, there are a bunch of moisturizers and foundations that include SPF ingredients to keep things simple.
  • Have blotting sheets handy. For the day, pack blotting sheets in your makeup bag and clutch so they’re within reach at all times. That way you can swipe away any unwanted shine before a quick touch up! These are especially handy if you’re hiking to your ceremony spot and have to do your makeup ahead of time.
  • Go easy on the body makeup and self-tanner. Whatever you do, don’t slather your body with concealers or bronzers unless you want your wedding dress to have a tan trim! If you have an area you’re trying to cover up, use the same concealer you did for your face makeup with a bit of correcting primer. Be sure to give yourself at least 24-48 hours after a spray tan, too!
  • Does your vendor offer a touch-up kit? If you have to get all of your makeup done off-site ahead of time, see if your makeup artist offers a touch-up kit that you can take with you once you leave. That way you’ll have the right lip, face and other makeup colors that she used for any quick fixes needed.


Mountain Elopement Hair Tips


  • Consider an updo. If you’re worried about your hair falling flat on your mountain elopement, you may want to consider an updo. Not only are it’s chances of lasting longer, but your hair will be out of your face as you head to your ceremony spot (if you have to get there on foot).


mountain elopement tips by epic elopement


Wedding Size Constraints and Permitting

Depending on the location you’ve chosen for your mountain elopement, a special use permit and certain fees may be required. Whether your location is public or private, they can require a permit, especially if you’re planning a micro wedding with a few guests. But don’t stress, we help you take care of any necessary paperwork and permits ahead of time. 


For couples considering inviting guests to their elopement, you’ll want to confirm the size constraints for your desired location. If planning an elopement within a national park there may be a set number of guests allowed as well as regulations you need to follow in order to preserve the park. Respect any rules the rangers give you for your mountain elopement to ensure your safety and a smooth wedding day!


Vendor Accessibility

Now this is an important topic, as we’ve already touched on this a few times already. If you’re considering a mountain elopement destination that doesn’t include an area to get ready or for vendor setup, you’ll have to handle all of that before arriving at your destination. For couples considering sunrise elopements, this can mean that your vendor team has to start early in the morning and they could charge an additional fee. In some cases, a vendor team may be able to travel with you, but they could charge a travel fee for this as well. Be sure to chat with all of your vendors well in advance about what works best for your elopement day, any additional fees you may incur or plans that need to be made to accommodate their preferences.


‘Leave No Trace’ Tips for Your Mountain Elopement

One of the most important parts of engaging in outdoor activities is to make sure you’re leaving no trace! Make sure to educate yourselves on the local regulations and park restrictions ahead of time so you don’t disturb others and protect the environment. Here are two friendly reminders of Leave No Trace principles that apply to all couples and any pets (if you’re bringing them along for your elopement!):

  • Be sure to pick up any waste! You don’t want to leave any waste that can be harmful to animals or plant life in the area. This includes any pet waste!
  • Know the leash rules of the area and follow them! Some parks, especially national parks, have regulations when it comes to dogs. The most common is that they must be on a leash at all times to prevent disturbing other visitors, and negatively affecting the natural flora and fauna. To see our full guide on eloping with pets, click here.

Mountain Elopement Inspiration





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