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2022’s Guide to Epic Elopements

10 Amazing Elopement Announcement Ideas for Your Dream Wedding


Marrying the love of your life is a big deal! We think that everyone important in your life should hear the news, and there’s no better way to do that than to send an elopement announcement. Whether you send it in the mail, share it in an email or on social media, it’s a perfect opportunity to let your extended family and friends know that you’ve found the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.


Whether you’ve decided to elope or are planning an intimate wedding, there are a few things that should be included in every wedding announcement. Throughout this guide we’ll walk you through some different wording examples for your announcements, share design inspiration and the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions by Epic Elopement couples.


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How do you announce an elopement?


The short answer: however you want! But our favorite way is by creating a personalized elopement announcement with your wedding photos to mail to your loved ones. There’s something special about receiving an announcement in the mail — it can truly make someone’s day! If you’re considering hosting a reception with family and friends that couldn’t attend your ceremony, this is also a fabulous way to share the big news and party details. Here’s a few other fun ways that you can share the news with friends and extended family once you’ve said “I Do,” too. 

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What should an elopement announcement card say?


Your announcement card doesn’t have to share a ton of details to make an impact. When designing your card, there’s a few things that you’ll want to be sure to include: the host(s) names (if someone other than the couple), the couple’s names, your wedding date and the location where you got married. Some of our couples have included handwritten notes with day-of details and stories to share with those family members and friends that couldn’t attend. It’s a great way to let them know that you were thinking of them on the day! If your announcement is doubling as a reception invitation, you’ll want to make sure all of those details are included (and R.S.V.P. info!).


Here are a few examples of wedding announcement wording to help make things easy:

Announcement Wording for Parents or Friends Hosting 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hunter

Have the pleasure of announcing the marriage of their daughter

Jane Doe to John Smith

on Saturday, the Twenty-Third of April

Two Thousand and Twenty Two

San Diego, California

Casual Announcement Wording from Couple

We Eloped/We’re Married!


Amy & Jane Smith

San Diego, California

Formal Announcement Wording from Couple

John Doe and John Smith

are pleased to announce their marriage on

Saturday, the Twenty-Third of April

Two Thousand and Twenty-Two

San Diego, California

How much do announcement cards cost and where do I get them?


Announcement cards vary in cost based on the design details and the quantity that you plan to order. A few factors that could increase the cost of your announcements are foil designs, embossing, wax seal stamps, custom cardstock and specialty stationery shapes. On average, most announcements cost around $1.50-$2.00 each for a basic design. Most online shops for creating invitations also will offer free addressing and envelopes with your order — you should also keep an eye out for regular sale promos ranging from 15-25% off! Some of our favorite websites for designing wedding announcements are Minted, Etsy, Basic Invite, Shutterfly and Zazzle. Keep scrolling below to see some of our favorite announcement designs!


When should we send our elopement announcements?


The best time to send your announcements is the day after you get married! But generally, within 30 days of tying the knot is normal for sharing the news. You may have to wait a few days or weeks to receive your wedding portraits, so keep that in mind when selecting your design and narrowing down your timeline. Planning in advance can make things much less stressful, especially if you’ll be heading out on your honeymoon in the days following your wedding. It may be wise to enlist the help of a close friend if you need to get your announcements or possible reception details out sooner.

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Wedding Announcement Templates and Design Inspiration


With the stylish and customizable templates available, it’s easy to design a high-quality announcement with just a few clicks. Ready to explore all of the options? Here’s a few fun and easy templates to make a memorable announcement for your elopement. Keep in mind that the colors on all of  these announcement designs can be customized to your wedding color palette!

Basic Invite Timeless Swash Elopement Announcement

elopement announcement example - basicinvite.com

Let your family and friends know that you eloped and had a small, private ceremony with this announcement design! The combination of swirling font and sophisticated type makes this a fabulous option for all of our couples that love incorporating modern elements.

Minted Modern Offset Announcement

elopement announcement example - minted.com

Let’s be honest, the pandemic has forced so many couples to postpone their larger celebrations. In fact, many are opting for stunning destination elopements and micro weddings (and then admitting they wish they’d planned it that way from the beginning!). For any couples that “just couldn’t wait” too, this is the perfect announcement design for you!

ETSY Happily Ever After Party Invite

elopement announcement example - etsy.com

Planning for a reception after your elopement? There’s no better way to share the exciting news than throwing a party with your favorite people! This announcement design doubles as a reception invitation so you can keep all the details in one place.

Shutterfly Just Celebrate Announcement

elopement announcement example - shutterfly.com

Show off those new wedding photos with this clean design from Shutterfly. It’s the perfect way to introduce the new happy couple to the world, and you can fully customize the back to include more photos, patterns and more.

ETSY Newspaper Elopement Announcement

elopement announcement example - etsy.com

Hot off the press! Branch out for the typical printed announcement card with this unique newspaper design. You’ll have the space to share the details about your wedding day along with more of those beautiful portraits.

Minted Announcement

elopement announcement example - minted.com

Perfect for any couples tying the knot in paradise! If you don’t want to wait for wedding portraits, consider using an elopement announcement with artwork that matches your wedding destination. 

ETSY Love is Patient Announcement

elopement announcement example - etsy.com

Love is patient, but we’re not. This announcement design is perfect to share a surprise elopement with family and friends that weren’t in attendance. Be sure to include a photo from your epic elopement!

Zazzle We Eloped Announcement

elopement announcement example - zazzle.com

Keep things simple with this classic and elegant elopement announcement design. Planning a party? You can also add custom matching RSVP cards with this design.

ETSY Electronic Elopement Announcement

elopement announcement example - etsy.com

Want to keep things streamlined? Here’s a simple electronic design that you can consider! This customizable template is perfect for couples that prefer to send their announcements via email, text or share on social media.

Minted Destination Love Announcement

elopement announcement example - minted.com

Get married in paradise? Send your loved ones a postcard style announcement from your dreamy destination with all the details of your wedding day. Perfect for any and all couples who love to travel!





Our team of elopement planners, coordinators, and writers are happy to share their insights and expertise to help educate and inform those looking to elope. Their goal is to make your lives easier and spark inspiration! And when you’re ready to elope, they’ll be here to help you with your special day.

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